a new music project


Once upon a time…

I was the drummer in a wonderfully potent band, The God Machine. We traveled far and wide, based ourselves in London, UK and signed to The Cure’s record label. We toured all over Europe and North America and got to play with some of the most iconic bands of the time such as Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, My Bloody Valentine, The Cramps, The Fall, The Jesus and Mary Chain and many more. Our propelled ascent into rock history was cut down suddenly with the passing of our best friend (bass player) on the eve of finishing our second record. It was tragic to say the least and our musical conquest ended suddenly.

Fairy Tales…

My musical life in England culminated in a week long recording session with The Cure. I got to work alongside Robert Smith and Steve Lyon in a fairy tale like castle in the West Country. We produced this beautiful song – This is a Lie  – which I’m super honored to have been a part of. Its depth and beauty is exactly what I have always adored in Robert’s music.  It was after that moment that I decided to set music down for good.. or at least I thought so.

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Over the hills and far away…

After a long career in visual mediums I have come full circle and fell right into music again. I moved to the mountains in Southern California and have worked painstakingly to finally become a songwriter. After teaching myself how to sing and play guitar I have nearly 3 LPs worth of songs now and proud to present my new music project MERCYLANE.


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